Borehole seal BLV 85
burst pressure 25 bar

  • Large extension range of the inflation hose
  • Can be used in different depths
  • Can be bored out easily
  • Internal polymer pipes protect the mining tools from damage
  • Easy and safe sealing of boreholes
Material to be used
  • acrylate gel
  • 1C injection resin
  • silicate resin
  • 2C injection resin
  • cement suspension
  • 2C polyurethane
Technical data
Type BLV 85
Borehole-Ø min. - max. 85 - 155 mm
Total length 640 mm
Inflation hose length 420 mm
Connecting thread inside G1", outside M56x2-LH (lefthanded thread) right-handed detachable
Burst pressure 25 bar
Weight 3.42 kg
Lower part polymer
Sealing lip valve
Info equipped with 2 connecting threads, locking ring
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